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Mobile Shrink Wrap

Our team of experienced shrink-wrappers are pleased to
offer our expertise to you. We take pride in our work and stand out
from other providers in the industry with several key practices. Our
center supports and caps are constructed from 2x4s, ensuring the
protection of your flooring and preventing punctures in the shrink
wrap at the top of the support pole. Additionally, we utilize 2-3
straps of woven fiber strand over each support, which helps to
distribute snow load and facilitate water shedding. Our propane heat
guns are used to shrink wrap, and we finish off the process with
shrink wrap tape and the addition of air vents to promote proper air
flow throughout the boat.

We highly recommend that our clients take steps to prevent moisture
buildup during the winter months. To this end, we suggest leaving a
damp-raid in the boat and using natural scent oils or bars of soap to
deter pests from entering your vessel.

To ensure the best possible outcome, we request that all Lilly pads or
Lift canopy covers be removed from the boat and that mooring covers
are stowed away. This allows for the appropriate width of the supports
to withstand snow load and water shedding during inclement weather.
Our commitment to safety and quality is unparalleled, and we are
confident that you will be pleased with our services.

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